January 7, 2016 

Oregon is nation's top moving destination, studies find

Two moving companies both say Oregon is the nation's top relocation destination – percentage-wise, at least.

United Van Lines and Atlas Van Lines performed studies tracking the percentage of inbound and outbound moves in each state in the country. Oregon topped both lists – Atlas found that 64 percent of moves in Oregon were inbound, and United found that 69 percent of moves were inbound. United said that 2015 was the third straight year that Oregon ranked first.

That's likely no surprise to the people already living here. In 2015, Oregon topped 4 million people for the first time. Some Portlanders were so fed up with Californians moving here – they were the most common transplants in 2014 – that they began slapping anti-California stickers on "for sale" signs. The influx of new residents has been one factor inrising home values and low vacancy rates among rentals.

California was the top overall destination by total number of moves in both studies.

Here are the top five "inbound" and "outbound" states, according to the studies.

Atlas Van Lines:

Top inbound states:

North Carolina
North Dakota

Top outbound states:

New York
South Dakota

United Van Lines

Top inbound states:

South Carolina
North Carolina

Top outbound states:

New Jersey
New York

-- Luke Hammill 

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